Looks like he’s still alive somehow, lol.


Tried something new this time around. Since the first page, I’ve tried going with the bare minimum of techniques to make sure I can produce comics as fast as possible. Not too much to slow me down but good enough to be presentable. In a Quantity over Quality sort of fashion.  But lately, I’ve been wondering if the way the comic is presented is deterring new readers? I’ve tried a little more contrast and shading on this page. Is the difference noticeable?  Is it too much of a change? If so, Do you mind the change this late? If you guys are up for the comic looking different, despite lack of consistency, I’m thinking of tackling some color to see how long it takes me. My number 1 priority has always been to stay on schedule and strive towards updating as fast as possible but that doesn’t mean anything if I’m not pulling in new readers with every new update. Stay tuned for page 32!

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