Ray doesn’t seem very fond of this guy’s ideas.


Special Cameos in the first panel from left to right, Claude(flafty), Jck(Ramos), Astrid(Flutterbunny), Fenrik(EonFurioso), and Luke(Chaoskirby).


2 pages for the 3rd week in a row! My goal was 3 pages but I didn’t reach that goal. But its getting easier. Lend me your energy for 3 pages next week!

The comic might start looking a tad bit different from here on out. A different approach to line art was taken this page. If you guys notice it, how do you feel about it?

Stay tuned for a possibly triple update next week! All for you guys! I really want to get through the story and move on to episode 2 so hopefully I have it in me to keep these quick updates!


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